With a catchy name like the Empty Nester Residence hinting to a serene atmosphere, this modern small home makes its presence known in the neighborhood with a sleek wooden architecture imagined by Studio Twenty Seven Architecture. Spreading over 222 square meters, the home known as the Empty Nester Residence is located in Arlington, Virginia. This home brings inspiration for those looking for small-scale homes to inhabit once the family home where kids grew up feels rather empty and nostalgic.

Designed for “an “empty-nester” couple downsizing to a smaller residence now that their children have grown“, the modern small home stretches over only 2,400 square feet. This is more then neighboring homes usually measure, so “the most contextually appropriate massing for the new house was to work with the “pill-box” typology of the original structure.

Photographs by Hoachlander Davis Photography / Anice Hoachlander present this warm and inviting suburb home dressed in a wooden skin. This was the owner’s choice, as wood is know for its visually and functionally warm features. After having been constructed by a local builder using “builder-level detailing and common materials and framing“, the eye-catching contemporary small home gives a new perspective to couples who enjoy a relaxed living.

We also presented the Watershack in Studio Twenty Seven Architecture’s portfolio, an old shack replaced with a contemporary weekend retreat, maybe you’d like to take a look and tell us what you think.