After being overseas in Hong Kong for three years, owners Michael and Dorit felt that this apartment was going to be crucial to them settling back in and having the kind of space that let them hang out with family and friends. Their apartment was designed by Tali Roth of Homepolish and is located in One Hanson Place, a former savings bank tower and one of the tallest buildings in Brooklyn, New York, USA. The apartment is decorated with clusters of meaningful objects (the Buddha heads are from Thailand, Cambodia, India and Vietnam), collectibles and artwork (from Bali and India) throughout, all collected on the couples’ travels.

The vintage ginger tins have been collected from around the world, as Dorit’s maiden name translates to ginger in yiddish. An antique mannequin from Dorit’s childhood bedroom back in Ohio, which adds a touch of childhood home to a cozy bedroom nook. Buddha head sculptures throughout the apartment create a cohesive vibe and bring back memories of our travels abroad throughout Thailand, Cambodia, India and Vietnam. [Information provided via e-mail by Homepolish. Photography: Sammy Goh]