Located near Lima, Peru, on a 1000 square-meter lot next to a busy road, House H by OZ Arq offers a high level of privacy, while opening up to some fantastic views: “The project developed as an architecture that analyses and recognizes the context, generates paths and handles an extensive program while keeping as much open space for landscape as possible.” The street facade closes off the interiors from the noise, while the opposite side faces the garden, swimming pool and majestic hills beyond.

Structured on three levels, the modern residence in concrete and steel offers plenty of space and diversity: “The study, play room parking, and service area were built underground, while on the ground floor the living room, dinning, kitchen and office open up in search of views of the landscape. On the second floor of the house you find the private spaces around a family room, controlling the views and maintaining its privacy.” A striking element of the design is a sunken garden, a natural lighting source for the underground studio and living areas. To make things even more interesting, the architects decided to provide access to the main entrance via a bridge situated over this sunken yard. [Photography by Juan Solano]