Artigas Arquitectes imagined a rectangular house exemplary filling a suburban lot in Barcelona, Spain. Spreading over 540 square meters, this rectangular house in Barcelona “arises from the idea of creating an ideal habitable space in the interior of a pure and light volume, which has a regular shape and is permeable to the excellent natural conditions and location.” That means that the owners were presented with a distinct, site-specific home customized to their needs.

The rectangular architecture allowed architects to flood interior spaces with natural light. This enhanced the use of heart-warming wood in the main social areas and intensified the use of white in the kitchen.

Interior designer Agustí Schilt created welcoming spaces carefully defining the importance of the rectangular design. A sturdy metal structure supports the interior space planning, allowing light to filter through a defining glass facade. Fitted with large sliding wooden panels, the four-story-high residence sits prepared to face Spain’s weather with grace.

According to Artigas Arquitectes: “The ground floor, which is the main floor of the building, extends as far as the two walls that are parallel to the street. This results in the house being off the street and open towards the rest of the plot, which represents the concept of including the basement to the total surface of the site. This house adapts to the land and the excellent conditions. The higher floors recover the regularity and modularity of the construction, having a large terrace perimeter on the first floor. The second floor becomes a pleasant viewpoint over the wide views of the area.”

The staircase uniting each level with the next acts as a light well, drawing light inside via transparent glass railings. Thanks to photographer Lluís Sans, the rectangular P House in Barcelona presents itself as a modern rectangular house uplifting today’s Spanish housing landscape with style.