What do you think of the idea of Pop-Up Furniture? For some, it may seem a natural step in the direction of minimalist design, backing-up the trend of “less is more”. The reason why we chose to present this cardboard pop-up furniture project envisioned by Liddy Scheffknecht and Armin B. Wagner is strongly connected with practical living in small apartments. Using the technique of Pop-Ups, the design duo created a mobile workstation consisting of a desk, a chair and a laptop appears and disappears. The sculpture can be opened and closed like a book. Have a look at the video below to see just how easy it is to install this pop-up furniture project and then “close” it back:

We believe this type of “furniture” is well suited for optimizing tiny living spaces. Even though the installation above is not too “sturdy”, it can make a great starting point for designing something similar employing a material that is more durable. We have to admit, we are intrigued by cardboard furniture and its practicability, not to mention its small price. If you recall, we featured some interesting similar projects on Freshome before, such as these creative cardboard beds and nigh stands or this awesome desk. What are your thoughts on these designs?