Lithuania-based studio YCL sent us photos and information about a modern collector’s apartment located in Vilnius. The 64 square-meter crib is characterized by dominant white inclined walls contrasted by floors in dark wood finish. Originally entitled “DO”, the attic apartment has a surprisingly open layout, with just a partial wall unit separating the bedroom from the living area. Despite its relatively small surface, the loft appears to be very spacious, due to a visual geometric variety. Each corner seems different no matter what the standpoint and it is exactly this asymmetry that makes the place feel exciting.

The project developers describe the apartment in a more inviting manner: “A long corridor invites guests to come inside where church towers can be seen through the windows. The old town is disclosed by a crooked attic, smokey wooden floor, burning firewood. Space without partitions, doors and stereotypes serves the unusual life. The weight of slopes is overpowered by dominant white and lit trusses. Everything is hidden in a glossy curled up ribbon- what remains is the space for aesthetics and cozy firelight.” [Information provided via e-mail by YCL Studio; Photography: Andrius Stepankevi?ius]