From mesmerizing floor-to-ceiling windows to fully glazed panoramic homes, this desire to live in spaces flooded by light is a basic human need successfully crafted into modern solutions. We’ve seen our fair share of seamless connections between inside and outside, but this innovative window system from Vitrosca reaches perfection. Part of the Vitrocsa TH+ range, the innovative window system panels independently slide around corners and cleverly hide their structure to reveal panoramas. Founded 20 years ago in Switzerland by Eric Joray, Vitrosca’s vision was to “create large sliding glass structural elements that support window space and therefore minimalise the framework.”

With its invisible frames and easy one-finger operation system, the innovative Turnable Corner Window System has hidden tracks designed to act as drains. Boasting simplicity and sophistication yearned by famous world architects, this invisible door/window system that slides with a touch of a finger to completely open the interiors will change the way we live once its patent-pending technology is embedded in modern homes. This frameless glazing system seen on Yatzer is designed to maximize views while boasting perfect integration in the chosen space. High performance monolithic panels withstanding harsh environments are available in sizes up to 18 m² (6x3m).

Remember designer Claudia Schmutzler’s Floating Windows hypnotizing anyone who sees them hovering in midair? Or the multifaceted concrete house in Belgium boasting 18 huge windows? These projects and many of their kind (like this attic window that turns into a terrace) prove how important light is to us. And since light and technology meet on creative grounds, we pay attention to what Vitrosca says about this low energy consumption innovative window system:

Each panel can slide independently of each other and when they are moved out of the way can be completely hidden along a wall down the side of a building or stacked inside a pocket. The openings can be from the side, corner or middle. This allows architects to design a massive opening with more options for storing away the actual panels to open up the outside to the interior. Panels can freely slide independently around any number of corners. Allowing you to move the panels away completely from the opening to reveal your maximum view. Another feature is that this product uses the Invisible track system so only a 10mm slot is visible on your flooring.”

Can you imagine your dream home showcasing this innovative window system?