Two adjacent bedrooms with a bathroom in between have been successfully converted into modern sleeping areas inspired by an alpine chalet in a project called MAT. The solution was brought about by VAN STAEYEN Interior Architects who used every inch of space possible by building out into the rooms to add storage and built-in beds: “This chalet bulges outside in one room, and inside in the other room. One is inside the chalet, the other one faces it. In one bedroom we created a large, really deep cupboard in which a queen size bed is inducted. The pine veneer makes the space at the same time warm and open in relationship with the white walls. As if you were in the Alps“, explained the designers.

A birch forest wallpaper is meant to create a chalet-inducing feeling with joyful surroundings. Getting into bed is possible via a sliding/retractable drawer. The door handles are bright and have playful accents of red, yellow and green. The yellow Vola faucet and the epoxy bathroom floor (in the same vivid color) add up to the cheerful effect. The bathroom looks larger than in real life, thanks to the mirror and the consistently tiling of walls and ceiling. [Information provided via e-mail by VAN STAEYEN Interior Architects; Photography: Luc Roymans]