Kent Rd House by architect Terry McQuillan of bureau^proberts is an intriguing renovation of a  60’s traditional cottage in Brisbane, Australia.: “Originally constructed in 1906 and extended in the 1960’s, the renovation included re-cladding and finishing the existing cottage, demolition of the ageing extension, and construction of a new two storey wing at the rear.” The main challenge was to keep the character of the building intact and to employ similar materials as the ones found in the existing structure. Even though a hint of the modern addition is visible from the street side, its scale is restrained so as to not dominate the original cottage-like facade.

According to the architects, the renovation project incorporates a new kitchen, master bedroom and outdoor living space at the upper level, a gymnasium and garage at the lower level and an internal stairway to connect the two levels. A modern scheme was chosen for the interiors, as the owners preferred a simple and light design.

The new spaces are optimally connected to the small garden on the lot, without compromising in privacy: “The bedroom and kitchen open to the backyard; enhancing views, breezes and light. Located along the edge of the bedroom is a hidden bath, opening to the landscaped backyard.”  We salute this contemporary home renovation, blending old and new in a harmonious manner.  [Photography by Alicia Taylor]