We presented a few wine storage cabinets on Freshome, but never an individual unit to store that prized bottle of vintage. The Corvi Concrete Wine Cooler envisioned by designer Fran Corvi of Argentina-based studio PPi3D  for IntoConcrete comes with a sleek and highly original appearance. The project is entirely made of solid concrete, yet makes one think of precious jewelry: “Inspired by the simplicity of stone, the cooler’s clean, sharp planes offer a refined interpretation of the facets of a gem.”

The strikingly modern piece is rooted in designer Francisco Corvi’s heritage: “In Argentina, wine is a symbol of high society. The wine cooler is a piece of me, my roots and my life.” According to the official description, concrete is an ideal functional medium for maintaining temperature. Meaning that once you cool a wine bottle in the fridge, you can ostentatiously display it in the party area for a while, without it loosing it optimum drinking properties.

The unconventional bottle cooler weighs 1,700 g and is available for purchase at $75.00. Individual coolers can be stacked in an infinite array of designs to create a personalized wine cellar. Find it appealing?