How would you feel to be met by a luxuriant jungle every time you come home? Across a narrow stone and metal bridge in North London, a modern family home rises to impose its elegant shape on the grounds of what used to be a late 1950’s house in Fitzroy Park, London, United Kingdom.

Within the Highgate Conservation area, the Fitzroy Park House was imagined by Stanton Williams Architects as a structure integrated in its inspiring landscape. Architects saw an opportunity to create an unusual floor plan inspired by surroundings: “The design strategy takes advantage of the sloping site by creating new additional spaces within the lower garden level.”

Embedding the sloping site and lush greenery, the talented architecture team created a contemporary home reminiscent of fortresses. The garden level is lower, contributing to this image, while the partly glazed entrance floor beautifully contrasts the wooden second floor sheltering private bedrooms.

The bridge leads into the heart of the house, which opens up dramatically to views over a day-lit double-height volume down to the lower garden level. Large sliding glass doors blur the boundary between inside and outside with external stone paving extending into the landscaped garden which gently curves around the house. Material references for the house reflect the rich natural setting of the site. Cedar fencing and oiled Iroko balconies contrast with the Accoya timber envelope. Painted in dark grey, the timber brings additional texture and colour to the limestone on the exterior façade. The crisp and sharp protective exterior layers give way to softer warm interior spaces, with an extensive oak ceiling and floors laid out in limestone or dark oak.”

Naturally ventilated and illuminated with a combination of floor-to-ceiling windows and strategically placed skylights, this unique home has the power to set your imagination on fire. Enjoy!