When you already have a dream home, the life you imagined living is within your grasp. Imagine extending that feeling even more by building a modern family retreat including a new guest house, pool, and shade structure on the same property where the same architects designed your geometric modern residence. Referred to as the Ehrlich Retreat +, this oasis of relaxation designed by John Friedman Alice Kimm Architects ( JFAK ) takes central stage. Placing the focus on guests and their interaction with home owners, this new structure built in Santa Monica, California, aesthetically relates to the original house by borrowing architectural details yet retaining a well-defined identity.

In order to “create a family compound“, architects saw the possibility of employing an architectural connection and integrate sustainability. We are looking at a LEED Platinum project that is not only bright and filled with joyfulness, but also responsible and aesthetically exemplary. According to the architects, “the structure’s broad frame embraces and gives presence to the new yard, while shading the house’s southern orientation; the triangular cut-out over the office creates a dramatic form, but also introduces generous amounts of ambient northern light; the steel and wood trellis provides welcoming shade for the yard, and at the same time hosts a 2.4 kW photovoltaic array that powers the house and pool.

Spreading over 1430 square feet, the modern home retreat photographed by Benny Chan of Fotoworks is undoubtedly a place for sheer relaxation and enjoyment.