Have a look at this waterfront house designed by Greg Shand Architects in Singapore! With a sinuous wave envelope and wide overhangs, Nautical Lines Residence stands out against a backdrop of modern residential units. While one side of the house faces the ocean, the other makes up for lack of water views, with curved elements acting as a constant reminder of the project’s nautical character. According to the architects, “the underside of the ceiling is clad in recycled teak, reminiscent of a boat hull. Extensive low-e glazing affords views of the waterway to the North and South China Sea to the South.”

All interiors feature special elements that add up to the idea of sea-sailing: “The master bathroom walls are flowing curves with a shaded skylight over to afford views of the sky and curved roof above. The walls, floor and ceiling of the bathroom form a sinuous curved envelope clad with stainless steel, and all bathroom fixtures including basins, water closet’s and shower fittings echo this fluid curvaceous nautical theme.” We hope you will enjoy the architectural journey offered by this original project in Singapore. Any fresh thoughts on the overall design?  [Photography by Aaron Pocock]