Welcome to a contemporary family home defined by balance and healthy living. Especially developed for a family in Austin, Texas, the Tree House by Matt Fajkus Architecture inspires good vibes throughout. Considered a special mix of restraint and sophistication, the two-story residence is designed “to allow for a bold yet humble street presence, while each single-story wing extends through the site, forming intimate outdoor and indoor spaces.” A beautiful courtyard extends around the tree terraces and acts as a perfect place for gatherings within the volumes of the house.

The layout was planned to optimize function and experience: “Composed as a functional container for life and experience, the circulation space is intended for passage and informal activities, rather than corridors. An integrated board formed concrete planter denotes a spatial separation between the living room and the kitchen/dining space, while still allowing connection between the overlapping realms.The master suite is as much about its opening to the small yard as it is about the enclosed space it captures”, explain the architects. What we like most about this place lies in the inexplicable twist given by the decorative units, colors and relationship with the outdoors. [Photography by Brian Mihealsick]