Coming up with an original table design is hard work nowadays, with so many creative models out there. The Maple Entry Table by young California-based Chance Coalter surprises and inspires. Just one of the many striking pieces in Coalter’s portfolio, the unconventional table was built using a technique known as brick-laying. This is the secret behind its singular, continuous form: “The table’s curved base section and legs are done with brick-laying, and the two top sections of the table are joined together with a large tenon“, explained the designer.

Even though the furniture piece is made using the help of digital technology, the final form of the table is shaped by hand with various hand tools and abrasives. The result is visually appealing, to say the least: “The brick-laying technique provides a subtle texture to the piece that is both visual and tactile, the tactile being created by the expansion and contraction of the individual pieces of maple as they breathe.” Enjoy the intricate detailing of this elegant table design and let us know your thoughts!