We love the creativity and the subtle humor behind Cora, a furniture piece that you can mistake for a half-shorn sheep. Italy-based designer Manrico Freda came up with this charming pouf concept, further produced by Formabilio. Extremely soft and cozy with its four legs coming out from the upholstery and the felt top, it grazes on your living room, sleeps next to your bed or turns up at the house entrance. Chubby, yet very stylish, the minimalist pouf-chair can be integrated with ease in a variety of contemporary design schemes.

Cora is said to have a strong character: “Choose the one that suits you the most: romantic in pink, rational in grey, snugly in white and irreverent black!“, adds the project developer. We can’t really tell if the magical appeal of this chair is due to its animal reference or to its flawless design. But we sure like how it sits in a room, or the way it becomes an obedient companion after the working day is complete. The pouf is currently priced 246 and you can purchase it online from Formabilio.[Photos and information provided via e-mail by Manrico Freda]