Looking for an “elegant” alternative to the existing household heating systems? The glass roof tiles by SolTech System mark a revolutionary and award winning method of integrating solar energy into any building. Instead of traditional roof tiles made of concrete or clay, these tiles are made of glass, allowing the sun to shine through onto the absorbing surface underneath. According to Inhabitat, the energy generated is integrated with the building’s existing heating system or electrical grid. A major advantage of the SolTech System is that it does not need bright sunshine to work, which means that it also generates energy on a day with slight overcast.

Here is more information on how the system works from the producers: “The glass roof tiles allows the sun to shine through on to the special absorption fabric underneath that absorbs the sun’s rays. Beneath the absorption fabric, special beams form a column where the air is heated and circulated through a patented technology. The energy captured is then directed into the house and integrated with the house’s existing heating system.” The system can be integrated with the house’s existing energy solution, both air based and water based.

You can check out the company’s official webpage for details about each of the four solutions available for this type of solar heating. What are your thoughts on this new approach?