“5 MM” is a new bath tap project envisioned by Ocostudio and ing.Castagnoli for Italian manufacturer Treemme Rubinetterie. Using a single thickness for all parts of the tap, for the control handles and also for all series applications is what makes the 5 MM design light, impalpable, almost delicate. The 5mm design expresses the essential characteristics of the technology that generated it – its constant thickness is in fact five millimeters – as well as the outflow of water from its spout, and the internal passage with all its mixing capacity.

Refinement and innovation are constant attributes of the ever-growing bathroom design industry. Behind the 5MM taps there is a technology where every detail has been studied to ensure an original appearance; this is an avant-garde line that pays the greatest attention to eco-sustainability and saving water. The 5MM venture has been selected in the category Abitare Residing for the Compasso d’Oro Award -ADI INDEX 2014. What are your thoughts regarding this delicate tap design?  [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Treemme Rubinetterie]