Located on the Dutch island of ‘Vlieland, this small weekend house looks like a true holiday oasis. Designed by the creative team at Bloem and Lemstra Architects, the compact dwelling comes with a surface of 600 square feet, with a 65 square-feet extension. The client’s brief requested a simple building, with a high level of openness towards the peaceful surroundings. Considering the amount of sunshine from each direction, the architects placed the bedrooms and bathroom on the north, and the living room on the sunny south side.

This unconventional “box” in wood and glass offers everything the inhabitants need for their weekend getaways. The interior scheme is highly modern, with functionality playing a major part in the overall design. Two sets of glass doors act as living room walls; during warm summer days, they can be manipulated for various degrees of openness. A wooden deck extends the living area outdoors, offering opportunities for contemplation. You can check out the house plans uploaded at the end of the post for a better understanding of the project. What are your thoughts regarding this unconventional home design in The Netherlands?