The scenic naturalness of F.L. Wright, the openness of Mies van der Rohe and the tactile materiality of Zumthor stood at the basis of The Dune Villa in Utrecht, The Netherlands. According to HILBERINKBOSCH Architects, the site is unique in the Netherlands: “dense vegetation towards the street, a large open space at the front and an open pine forest at the back of the plot“. The complex modern villa is made up of different volumes, each taking in the richness of the landscape. A cultivated courtyard adds up to the healthy living environment this project inspires.

The color nuances in the mix of the bricks, beige, orange and green reflect the pine tree forest, while the colour of the applied concrete is derived from the neighboring dune sand.  Naturally, this palette can also be observed indoors. The main areas of the residence, such as the living room, kitchen, office, master bedroom, roof terrace and library, are situated on the first floor. This establishment provides the best views towards the forest. The guestrooms and the pool are situated in the dune and on the ground level of the courtyard. The pool is enclosed on three sides with large glass sliding doors. [Photography by René de Wit]