Known as a popular tourist destination, Toronto’s Beaches neighborhood exhibits an almost artistic streetscape, due to its Victorian and Edwardian architectural legacy. A couple with a taste for contemporary architecture bought a dilapidated vintage-Edwardian, 1,250-sqf Beaches home and decided to make it livable. The residence was initially built in 1930 and required a lot of cosmetic work, along with the introduction of modern elements in the existing architecture. The design team at Johnson Chou Inc. worked their magic and developed a modern interior scheme, without compromising the historic legacy of the building.

The $700,000 renovation preserved the features that visually anchor the front of the building in its environment, such as the pitched roof, or the large triangular gable at the attic level. But as you step inside, a contemporary design scheme abruptly unveils itself. The “clutter of shadowy rooms” was given a powerful makeover. An open plan living room sets the tone for a spacious and airy residence. The steel staircase ends in the attic, which has been converted into the couple’s bedroom suite and outfitted with a deck overlooking the garden. Enjoy the photos!