Located near the Szcz??liwicki Park in Warsaw, Poland, this 130 square-meter Scandinavian-inspired apartment designed by Soma Architekci exhibits a friendly, welcoming feel. The crib consists of a cozy daytime area covering a living room and a comfy kitchenette (that was absolutely essential for a housewife who enjoys cooking for her family). A sunny hallway with plenty of wardrobes and compartments offer enough room for storage. The apartment accommodates four rooms- one for each family member- and two bathrooms.

According to the project developers, the design scheme is based on light flooring, made of whitened oak panels and ubiquitous whiteness of walls,  complemented by custom-made furniture elements: “Such a background has been accompanied by lamps and decorations  characteristic for the Northern design, featuring loads of wood, simple brick tiles and minimalist bulbs. The interior is softened with some graphical elements in black, which you can observe in the photo frames, mirrors and steel lines of the furniture.” Windows lack any curtains or draperies, except for basic shades pulled down at night in bedrooms. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Wojciech Mazur on behalf of Soma Architekci]