Beyond its stunning slanted glass walls, this penthouse basks in natural light and a stunning panorama of London all day and night. Imagine living in this luxury penthouse overlooking the London skyline, coming home to an open floor plan where the breathtaking city skyline floods the interiors with an ever-changing charm.  As you might have guessed, it boasts its own elevator, lifting owners and guests straight up to the 37th floor is occupies. From high up, you can see the Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge, Canary Wharf, St Paul’s and the Olympic Stadium, while cooking, eating dinner and having a relaxing time in the fabulous open apartment.

A spacious entrance hall guides your steps to the open-plan dining space with a kitchen tucked underneath expansive slanted windows. Two bedrooms, an en suite shower room and a second guest bathroom complete the floor-plan seen on Cluttons and leaves simplicity do its job. With 24 hour security and a porter, as well as a secure car parking space, the fabulous London penthouse is a city dream home in one of Europe’s tallest apartment buildings. All rooms have these slanted floor-to-ceiling windows inviting panoramic views of the city as well as night city lights inside.

Unrivaled panoramas from the 148-meter, 43-storey Strata building in London can conquer even the wildest hearts. How many people you know would say no to living here?