Reminiscent of Pin-Up clothes, the sideboard and bedside tables shaping the Unbutton Collection dive into the idea of unbuttoned beauty and seduction. Being inspired by a provocative retro style, these furniture items are perfectly suited for bedrooms that aspire to showcase a playful, yet elegant decor. Imagine these attractive furniture details adorning your bedroom, always reminding you of their harmonious design. Young and talented Romanian designer Cristina Bulat imagined these sideboard and bedside tables as retro furniture displaying a curvy design and a striking detail that gives the collection its name.

The Unbutton Collection by Cristina Bulat has a deep visual impact due to their stylish “unbuttoned” detail. Reminiscent of  Pin-Up models posing for photographers and painters, these slits add character to the furniture’s functionality. The three pieces are the first prototypes developed for a Romanian national furniture contest organized by APMR. They were exhibited at the BIFE-SIM 2014 International Furniture Fair in Bucharest, Romania.

Winning first prize, the collection promises a balance between sleek Scandinavian Design and Pin-Up inspiration. Soon to be launched, the Unbutton Collection will be available in a large palette of colors. Measuring L 55 cm x W 45 cm x D 35 cm, the bedside tables beautifully fulfill their purpose, while the sideboard ( L 70 cm x W 100 cm x D 40 cm) completes the overall appeal. Can you see this collection adorning your own bedroom?