Denis Rakaev sent us photos and information about Graphite Penthouse, a contemporary project in Kiev, Ukraine. According to the designer, the interior should be perceived unified and monolithic – this is the main idea of ??the project. Going into any of the premises, whether dining or bathroom, a person must realize that he is in one of the zones of a common space, so the interior is in the same vein stylistically and color-wise. The designer’s goal was to create an interior with plenty of light for visual perception and a high level of comfort.

The interiors are said to fully display the world view of their owners: “Strict purism is diluted with a warm ethno style. Combining simple, rectilinear forms with decorative motifs and curvilinear ethnic, a unique effect of detachment from the bustle of the big city is created.” Wooden 3D panels simulating ornamental carving were employed in the design scheme with original visual effects. In the bedroom, walls in genuine leather creatively solve the problem of sound insulation, while dense graphite curtains give the feeling of a nocturnal gloom. [Information provided via e-mail by Denis Rakaev; Photography by Andrey Avdeenko]