We stumbled across an interesting and highly practical set of infographics developed by the Hamilton Project at The Brookings Institution. Using data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, the project allows users to get precious information regarding the annual median earnings from career start to retirement for 80 majors. Since not all college degrees are the same, earnings are different across majors: “Over the entire working life, the typical college graduate will earn $1.19 million in today’s dollars. This is more than twice as much as the lifetime earnings of a typical high school graduate ($580,000), and $335,000, or 39 percent, more than that of a typical associate’s degree graduate”, explained the researchers involved in the project.

The Career Earnings by College Major infographic lets you see the earning potential of 80 different majors, as well as that of education levels below a bachelor’s degree, using four selection boxes. You can go on and see how the website works, choosing various domains and certain levels of education. In the mean time, we will tell you that median lifetime earnings of architecture graduates is above average for undergraduate majors. Computer science, engineering, as well us finance and accounting majors rank a bit higher (graphic at the end of the post).