The creative team at Bauhaus Architecs & Associates managed to transform a dull 90 square-meter surface into a fresh office design filled with inspiring elements. Bauhaus Architects&Associates Office is located behind the main hallway of a 20 story office building in Hanoi, Vietnam. The project was meant to inspire the employees, as well as every person visiting the building. Large curtain walls surround the offices, creating the feeling of openness and allowing some natural light inside the unified space.

One element stands out particularly in the overall design: “This is a box in a box, called by people the ‘house in the house’, where the director-team leader works. It is surrounded by transparent glass panels on its three faces and on ceiling while plaster board is used for the last facade. This element carries the company’s logo; seen behind the reception bar, it consists essentially of stacked long wooden boxes”, explained the architects. As a vital component of any design studio, books are carefully arranged in a custom-designed white shelving unit. Decorative box-shaped lights work in association with big sphere-lights to generate an adequate intensity of light, with an appealing aesthetic effect. [Photography: Le Anh Duc – AIF STUDIO]