By adding wooden panels and steel railings to an existing house in Saint-Tropez, France, Vincent Coste reinvented its character. According to the designer, L2 house is the result of a reflection on the envelope and how to develop outdoor spaces that change the perception of volumes of an existing structure “In this case a viewpoint made of a dressed in wood steel structure works as an air traffic across the perimeter of the house. This ambulatory can reconstruct a horizontal façade in the landscape thus restoring a strong identity to this common 70’s house.”

An extensive outdoor area with a swimming pool is captured by the inner courtyard: “The entire organization of the house has been completely redesigned to create vistas of the landscape and the pool which is in a very precise definition of the extension of the base of the house. The combination of this rehabilitation and strong element of the pergola allows us to offer generous double height spaces outside as well as areas of life sheltered from the sun.” All interiors are spacious and welcoming, abounding in natural lighting and wooden decorating elements. [Photos by: Florent Joliot]