Using GPS info from OpenStreetMap, Brooklyn based Aminimal Studio created a series of necklaces depicting city maps. From Venice to Chicago, the Urban Gridded Dogtags collection (discovered by Freshome on Citylab) includes over 120 wearable maps of favorite locations from 32 countries around the world: “Urban Gridded dog tags are a homage to your favorite cities. Remembering where you came from or where you want to go. A special place spent with loved ones or safe travels to the next city. Even useful as a functional map”, the design duo explained.

The studio further plans to expand the collection, so that “architects, cartographers, urban planners, urban explorers, nomads, travelers, jet setters and everyone else can enjoy it”. The unisex necklace was inspired by the complex structures of large cities. Its developing process is described as follows: “With chemical etching technology, the pendants are produced on thick .020″ Stainless Steel with a high level of detail, consistency, and quality. Each piece is carefully designed to capture the cities underlining iconic street network as a lace-like pendant.” The information is sourced from gps data by openstreetmap to ensure accurate portraits of the city.

Have a look at the short presentation film uploaded below to find out more about this project and let us know what you think!