Achieving a sense of dynamics in  a room can be done in a variety of unexpected ways. Take today’s project for example, a minimalist kitchen design, part of G-Roc, a residential project completed by Nook Architects and located in Barcelona, Spain. In this apartment, the designers managed to create a Spartan environment with an industrial flair, added a touch of cheerfulness through blue and yellow hues. What captured our attention however are the hexagonal tiles in the kitchen, which we understood were a surplus from other works in the same building the architects had completed a while back. 

This mix of hexagonal floor tiles in gray, blue and black goes great with the color scheme employed throughout the apartment. Concrete and high gloss Polyurethane coating were the materials used for more than half of the kitchen flooring, dynamically completing the look. The floor tiles also stand out in relationship with their corresponded back-splash tiles in light blue, even though their shape is different. Which makes us applaud the ability of the designers to make the place feel harmonious and tasteful, despite its heavy mix of colors, shapes and textures. How would you comment on this flooring design approach?  [Photos by: Nieve | Productora Audiovisual]