Impressive interior design lines each space in this Sweden villa, inspiring us to choose the best color palette for a bright, relaxed atmosphere. Large open spaces guide daily routines on an intuitive path, helping you create habits that boost energy and provide relaxation. Enjoying the outdoors is a big part of this home – this is a residence elegantly designed for a collection of memorable pool parties.

The first floor plan opens both the social areas and the masted bedroom to the backyard. Here, the well-maintained swimming pool surrounded by a deck shapes a big part of the social outdoors. Windows create this fabulous invitation to both experience the aesthetic vibes of the indoors and to unwind outdoors.

Smooth transitioning from one space to another adds to the feeling of depth and open space. Inviting through design, color choices and brightness, this modern villa design creates a vibrant environment for a dynamic social life. It seems to have been made for entertaining, especially the outdoor dining area and wide poolside deck. Imagine groups of stylish people socializing around the pool, some having conversations on the long bench shaped out of the wall, some enjoying a buffet in the covered outdoor dining area. This last feature – the covered outdoor dining area – will definitely add more value to a home.

Then again, the villa also boasts an outdoor hammock and Jacuzzi deepening the feeling that is was designed for relaxation. However the new owner might use it, we can dream many scenarios happening in these welcoming spaces. This modern villa design provokes owners to live a chic and stylish life, enjoying both their outdoor presence under Sweden’s sun and the elegant cluster of interiors.

Priced at $1.7 million on Svenskfast, the modern villa in Särö provokes owners and guests to deeply enjoy their presence here. Sound to me like someone’s dream home. Is it yours?