The close collaboration between UNStudio architects and Arup led to the development of the New Theatre Spijkenisse, a contemporary building design in Spijkenisse, The Netherlands. The mixed-use performance space is defined as “a remarkable building with an inviting and open character”. The internal organization and the circuit of functions has been designed around the flow of visitors. A strong indoor-outdoor connection was one of the main purposes of the overall design. The double curved, partly transparent, roof surface is draped as a steel skin around the structure. Light is pouring through the facade, resulting in a warm glow effect at night.

Visitor circulation is an important aspect of any theater building. A clever structure has created a spacious lobby with a minimal number of columns. The large auditorium has 650 seats and a smaller multifunctional auditorium (200 seats) with a retractable tribune. Arup helped to facilitate the organization layout and complex geometry by the use of Building Environment Modelling (BEM), enabling an integrated structural, lighting and building services design. Have a look at the video below for a general idea on how the new theater will look and let us know your thoughts! [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Arup]