Welcome to a cheerful small apartment envisioned by Geometrium and located in Lensovetovskij, a village near Saint Petersburg, Russia. The crib was especially developed for a young couple who requested that aesthetics and usability be the main features of their new home. Painted white walls visually enlarge the space, while bright and colorful lighting elements contribute to a vivid ambiance. An open plan layout defines the apartment, yet the sleeping, dining and entertaining areas are well individualized.

The overall design pays tribute to creativity and function: “We divided the sleeping area and made a separate dressing room. In the living area we placed a bio-fireplace, with TV set above so it is convenient to watch TV while you are in your bed or chair, as well as in the kitchen. Ventilation hub was painted as a desk, so the user can write or draw on it as he or she wishes. Full-sized folding doors were used to save more space in the apartment. For the bathroom we used small-sized tiles 10×10 cm (4×4 in) in different colors to decorate the walls and placed a large mirror with heated film (anti fog) system and waterproof plaster.” [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Geometrium]