Demonstrating high quality on a modest budget, this contemporary forest home by Garret Cord Werner introduces us to one family’s dream. Private and inviting, opening towards the forest in the back, this oasis of happiness was built with relaxation in mind. The upper floor, where the private spaces were built, is flooded with light and seamlessly connected to the forest overflowing through large windows. The bright and cozy Forest House is thus an elegant home where the architecture is interrupted by framed nature.

Located near Vancouver in Canada, the modern forest house places a noteworthy attention on a bright ambiance, catching natural light from different angles. An unexpected exterior garden on the upper floor makes it delightfully unique – how many homes have you seen sporting this feature?

Garret Cord Werner explains his work and desire to give the owner a seamless connection to nature: “The home was built for $280 per sq/ft in 2011. Over 20 ft. high concrete walls frame the dramatic entry into the home that features a floating open riser staircase. The home was designed to maximize light and to make one feel as much a part of the forest surrounding the home as possible. Oversized sliding glass doors and clear story windows are used to reinforce this inside-out relationship to the garden. Upstairs, a signature feature of our work is what we call a sky garden.

Thanks to photos by Benjamin Benschneider, the home presents itself from different angles and in different lights. Now it’s your turn: what do you think of an exterior garden on the upper floor?