Have a look at this original family dwelling recently reinvented by Studio Prototype and located in the Dutch town of Duiven. The project (entitled House W) is a renovation and redesign of a charming turn-of-the-century house: “The new volume formulates a contemporary answer to the existing home. The volumes are slightly shifted from each other, creating a spatial play outside and a framed view towards the street side inside”. This geometric extension is closed on the street side, while on the garden-side it opens up through a spacious L-shaped veranda.

The architects chose to situate all the living spaces in the new volume around a spacious void: “A maximum amount of daylight is permitted here, ensuring an optimal experience of the sculptural space. A large window, with two sliding doors in it, provides the connection with the garden. The chimney is a prominent part of the roof’s shape. As such it has been reinterpreted, and is integrated with both a roof light and a light shaft in one sculptural object”. Timber cladding of red cedar battens and aluminum profiles were employed to create an interesting diagonal pattern, visually enhancing the exterior profile of the building.