Perfect for a small family, this apartment in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine was imagined as focusing on its main attraction feature: expansive panoramas of the city and the Dnieper River. Ukrainian design team SVOYA studio imagined a collection of interiors that would offer the young married couple and their child a feelings of ease, serenity and coziness. Inspired by the river and wanting to keep a powerful bound between natural and urban living, the Ukrainian designers adorned the living space with vertical living gardens.

Spaces between the windows overlooking the bustling city were perfect to create a strong bond between the inside and outside. Flooded with natural light by day and turning into a glowing jungle by night, this modern family apartment in Dnepropetrovsk offers an inspirational series of elements you can apply when moving to a new apartment.

Natural materials and colors were employed to not only shape a smooth modern design, but also to create a closeness with nature. The color palette blends in with the views of the area, creating a sense of continuation. Small bedrooms can be comfy and refreshing at the same time when displaying a contemporary mix of design elements within a minimalist frame. The sleek master bedroom is guarded by large windows overlooking Ukraine’s fourth largest city, and the pink and grey kids bedroom portrays a sense of balance and beauty that grows with the child.

Imagine you lived in a place where vertical gardens accompany your days and nights, as well as promote better health and a permanent connection to nature. Now ask yourself: is that an option to consider for your home? We’d love to know, so share your thoughts in the comments below.