This stylish open-plan apartment envisioned and implemented by J.C. Architecture is located in a busy area of ??the city of Taipei, Taiwan. Tea-Art project is situated on the third floor of a large building, overlooking a park. The atmosphere of calm and comfort is ensured  through a neutral color palette and items of furniture made ??of natural wood. Openness is the defining characteristic for this flashy modern crib. Flooded in natural light from floor-to-ceiling windows. the social areas are divided through use of materials instead of walls.

The small entrance hallway leads the way towards the dining area and kitchen, located on the right side of the apartment. To the left, you will find the lounge zone, a spectacular black “storage box” and what seems to be a meditation spot. It is here that the owners elegantly displayed their teapot collection, neighbored by a stylish wine rack. Unlike the rest of the house designed in black and white, this corner seems traditionally-sacred with its wooden character and special decorating items. What do you personally think are the highlights of this Taipei apartment?