Envisioned and implemented by Filipe Ramos Arquitetura Design, Apartamento Cobogo in São Paulo, Brazil is the result of a complete renovation. According to the project description we were e-mailed, all walls found on the site were removed, and the existing concrete beams exposed. Windows were replaced and new millwork installed. Parts of the existing parquet hardwood floor were kept and the former kitchen area was filled with reclaimed parquet wood pieces in the same style as before. The entire floor was ebonized to make all pieces match in color.

The highlight of this 57 square-meter apartment is the see-trough concrete brick wall built to divide the living room and bedroom areas. These bricks are called “cobogo” in Portuguese and they are part of the history of Brazilian modernist architecture. This is one of the most inviting modern apartments we’ve seen lately and its design strengthens our belief that minimalism will soon have to make way for creative twists in order to increase the welcoming factor.  [Information provided via e-mail by Filipe Ramos Arquitetura Design; Photographer:  Maira Acayaba]