Czech designer Lucie Koldova used a sustainable material to create a highly modern sofa design for Belgian design brand Per/Use. The contemporary sofa is made out of cork – an impermeable, elastic and fire resistant material with varied applications. In the case of the Corques Sofa, cork was perfect for sculpting a contemporary sofa which was then adorned with colorful Divina fabric from Kvadrat. The large-scale cork sofa was chiseled out of a single block of pressed cork, varnished and perfected to appeal to your sight and touch in a subtle yet unforgettable manner.

We know why we should use natural materials in our home, so this sleek sofa should fit right in an urban or rural modern residence. Flaunting a curvaceous body, this modern cork sofa withholds vital information in its beauty. The sustainable cork block is actually production leftover from Portuguese bottle cork factories, adding an eco-friendly dimension to the eye-catching design. Unlikely to dent, the durable cork works wonders in design whenever a designer plays with it. We’ve seen large-scale portraits done in cork bottle stoppers and push-pin stool/tables. It was time for something larger, that pushes the limits of this material even further.

Think about it, how would a modern cork sofa like this one look in your home?