This two-level residence envisioned and implemented by Architects DBLAP takes advantage of a charming, lush-green site in Bangkok, Thailand. Consisting of a series of interconnected volumes, the project is centered around an inner courtyard, accessed easily from all rooms of the house. Predominant use of glass allows the inhabitants to enjoy unobstructed views of the surroundings, while at the same time flooding the interiors in natural light. Despite this high level of openness, privacy is ensured through the use of a horizontal white wall, visually protecting the street facade.

A roofed outdoor passage hints the way towards the house entrance. Step inside this Bangkok residence and you will first discover a contemporary living room design, with stylish arrangements. The main level accommodates all public spaces, with the kitchen and dining area situated next to the living zone. The bedrooms are located on the second floor, where the views get even more impressive. On the background of a neutral color palette, a black and white marble accent wall creates a striking visual effect. Wooden floors and doors add warmth and elegance. Enjoy the virtual gallery!