Engineered to generate as much solar-electric energy on-site as the home consumes annually, Skyline Residence is an example of modern sustainable architecture. The imposing family house was envisioned and implemented by Nathan Good Architects on a generous 1.7 acre site in Portland, Oregon, USA, for a middle-age couple with an active life and their three children. According to the developing team, the building was positioned at the far north side of the lot to reduce the impact of noise from the Skyline Boulevard, optimize the daylighting of the sun’s path, and facilitate views from the interior of the home to the yard.

The 4,200 square foot residence is distributed over three stories, with the first floor accommodating public areas (entry hall, great room, utility room, garage) and the upper level hosting three bedrooms and three bathrooms. The game room, exercise room, mechanical and storage spaces are located on the lower level. Sustainable features of the residence include materials salvaged from the previous home on the site, abundant use of natural lighting, low-flow plumbing fixtures, efficient storm-water management and green roofs. [ Landscape Designer: Cynthia Woodyard; Photography by Jeremy Bittermann]