Within the confinement of a small plot, a modern home offering an open layout for enjoying both the inside and outdoors might seem close to impossible. But then again, architects have a way to visualize the given space in its completed stage and walk around construction sites like they’d walk across the finished home. This compact plot measuring 10 meters wide by 14 meters deep stands 20 meters from the property line. In the middle of such a tight space, the modern home was supposed to be basked in natural light and extend living outdoors. Spreading over just 120 square meters, the modern Argentinian house was imagined by Rosana Sdrigotti and Julio Cavallo as having a central courtyard opened to the sky.

Space efficiency was the framework used for stacking up modern design lines. Two opposing volumes generate a void shaped as a relaxing space where BBQs and lounging in the sun can become habitual activities. A minimalist budget and space confinement led to the creation of a highly functional minimalist home with flexible environments. Photographs by Federico Cairoli extend our knowledge about the home’s layout: main living space on the lower floor and private spaces above oriented north for light opposing the volume of the study space that has independent access from the east. This small courtyard allows a full transparency within the home and privacy from neighboring homes. Adorned with an existing palm tree, the compact courtyard allows for a smooth transition between outdoors and indoors.