Inspired by the movement of sunflowers, Studio BAG Disseny designed these rolling flower pots that provide more functionality than regular plant holders. According to the project developers, common pots are static, so ‘why not provide them with movement to enable them to follow the path of the sun, to sway in a breeze or grow at will?’ Handmade out of waterproof terracotta in La Bisbal d’Empordà in Spain, these twisting flower pots display a semi-conical shape and the ability to whirl.

The plant can be easily moved by subtly manipulating the base. This way, more sunlight can reach its roots and leaves, which contributes to a healthier growth. Some say acknowledging the fact that each plant is filled with life will make it develop better. This includes talking nicely to flowers and even playing calm music around them. This has never been officially proven (only experimented with), but I guess the innovative rolling flower pots presented here will be a chance for plants to express their personalty more. How would you personally comment on this design?