Designed by Quentin de Coster Design Studio for French company Cinna, LASSO lamp pays tribute to minimalism and functionality. As its name suggests, this unconventional lighting unit resembles a lasso, but also a suspended torch: “I wanted to create a poetic light that invites users to interact with it. I tried to give shape to the idea in the most minimal way possible and it was only afterwards that I realized it looked a bit like a torch. But it is fun, and I like to refer to archetypes in my work“, De Coster explained.

LASSO is a suspension made of a steel tube and wire offering a new way of guiding light. Usually unattractive, the electrical cable is here used to direct the lighting by a sliding motion turning it into a nice graphic element. On top of it, the LASSO lamp adopts different triangulations according to your requirements and draws beautiful lines in space. In a nutshell, a contemporary light that is interesting both off and on ! [Information provided via e-mail by Quentin de Coster Design Studio; Photography: Julien Renault]