The Kolenik Eco Chic team presented a sophisticated and inviting boardroom developed in collaboration with international lighting manufacturer Maretti. True to his signature, Robert Kolenik combines luxurious and unique natural materials in his own innovative way to create a stylish and inviting space. For this particular design living nature was incorporated, honoring his Eco Chic identity. The lush living green wall creates a peaceful and enchanting atmosphere which invites guests to further discover the room.

An absolute eye-catcher is the unique aquarium under the kitchen top which effortlessly lifts just with the press of a button. Apart from being a one of a kind design object, it is surprisingly functional. Seemingly an oversized aquarium, the intelligent L-shape hides generous space for storage and equipment. This Robert Kolenik state of the art design is available in a limited edition and can be made to measure. What are your thoughts on this unconventional boardroom scheme? [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Kolenik]