The name of the Pestrin pendant lamp designed by young Venice-based designer Nicolo Zavagno comes from the Venetian dialect. The story goes back to the noble family Morosini del Pestrin, living in the Morosini palace. According to the designer, this project borrowed its name from Calle del Pestrin, where milk used to be distributed. “Pestrin” also literally translates as “milk” and each of these design units is said to provide a unique opportunity to enjoy a part of Venice at home.

The shape of the lamp is a reminder of the container used to carry the milk from the “pestrin” back to the house. The use of porcelain and wood takes back to ancient traditions; melt with a minimal and contemporary design with a finish in a multitude of colors, the lamp diffuses warmth in every environment. Venice has always been associated with romance, relaxation, a sense of happiness and warmth. We hope this post will slowly teleport you into this mesmerizing city and that for a brief moment, you will be able to hear the traditional songs of the gondoliers.¬† [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Nicol√≤ Zavagno]