M.Y. Interior Design shared Matrix Residence, a modern retreat with quite a few interesting features in Taipei, Taiwan. As you can see in the photos below, a practical furniture layout precisely defines the demarcation of living functions. Commercial LED lighting is adopted to show the living space. The bookshelves and display walls that have disorderly gradations form the first focus of vision. With polygonal lines, the corner of the entrance door integrates the entrance hall with walls for storage.

The dual-scale audio-visual environment that is composed of a LCD TV and projector provides a variety of sensory experience. The TV wall is painted with white baking finish to bring succinct and well-executed perception. The living habits of users are taken into consideration: the bar counter for light meals is at the corner of the dining room and kitchen to make the most use of area efficiency. By bringing art and cultural vibes in the hallway, the monotonous corridor was converted into a visual focus. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by M.Y. Interior design]