Check out the world’s first smart ceiling fan designed with an on?board computer and array of sensors. SenseME™ technology, available exclusively on the Haiku ceiling fan, revolutionizes a home fixture that hadn’t changed for decades. “The typical home has more than three fans, but they’re no smarter or better looking than your great?grandma’s,” said Carey Smith, founder and Chief of Big Ass Fans. “In the past couple of years, we’ve seen smart thermostats and smart light bulbs, yet you still have to pull a chain to start your ceiling fan. SenseME changes everything.

SenseME is said to know when you enter or leave a room and turn Haiku on and off automatically, so no switch is necessary. It also monitors the room’s temperature and humidity, adjusting Haiku’s speed when conditions change. In time, the device is able to learn your comfort preferences, tailoring fan speed adjustments to what you find comfortable. Haiku with SenseME is the first fan controllable by a smartphone app. Use the app to set schedules for both the fan and light or select from several unique control modes. Among them is Gradual Awake that gently increases the fan’s speed and light for a more pleasant wake?up, which research has proven reduces that can’t?get?out?of?bed feeling. Be sure to check out the video at the end of the post for some interesting technical details! [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Big Ass Fans]