Just minutes away from the center of Kayseri in Turkey, this contemporary residence beautifies and modernizes the visual appeal of this side of town. One in a row of four houses showcasing the same conceptual design, the BK House was imagined by Bahad?r Kul Architects (BKA). The volumetric 450 square meter modern structure takes advantage of panoramas of the highest mountain in central Anatolia – Mount Erciyes. Resting on a spacious 1,000 square meter plot, the beautifully minimalist structure was adorned with a courtyard and poolside that accentuates its beauty through simplicity. A spectacularly modern exterior makes way for a bright, elegant and open suite of interiors.

Seamlessly connected to the outdoors in spite of the constrained urban environment, this home displays an encouraging city home design. Boasting glass walls both on the ground floor and the private area upstairs, the home’s architecture captures light reflecting on the surface of the pool. Light- be it natural, filtered through wooden blinds or artificial, flooding the bedroom with mood lighting – is a huge part of the design. According to the architects, “the living room, dining room, kitchen and the entrance hall covers a central point of the design that opens to gallery space. Besides, all the functions are acting as a total space. If you are in the gallery void, you can see the all other spaces in all levels.”

Photographs by Ket Kolektif show that city home design made out of glass, timber and aluminum can look elegant and encourage an open lifestyle, connected to the outdoors.