Result of a fruitful collaboration between Piotr Kluj and Pawe? Litwinowicz , the original looking Perforated House draws much attention upon itself in the city of Poznan, Poland. A contemporary approach led to a completely simplified shape, as the architects turned the building into a simple cube with no balconies and oriels whatsoever. A long and wide ramp was added to the overall design, leading to the garage, while another leads directly towards the living room entrance, thus avoiding the need for stairs.

According to the architects, the only thing that clashed with the idea of a highly modern home were the old, Art Nouveau furniture pieces collected by the owner in his previous apartment, which had to be adapted to the overall scheme. The openwork ornaments, visible only in two places on the house elevation, are at the same time the one and only decoration and also the only link between the contemporary cube and the Art Nouveau furniture.  As you can see in the photos below, the shapes of the cut-outs correspond with the plant patterns on the old furniture. The veneered panels in natural wood contrast the glazing, resulting in a visually appealing facade. [Photography: Jeremi Buczkowski, Anna B. Gregorczyk]